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Imagine a clothing that provides unparalleled UV Protection of well over 50+ SPF;
Imagine a clothing that can rejuvenate your skin.
Imagine a clothing that can help clear your skin of Acne.
Imagine SunSoul!

SunSoul’s revolutionary material is the first of its kind to block harmful UV Light while selectively amplifying narrow bands of healthy light of the sun It delivers the therapeutic rays to the skin, much like the new LED Light therapy treatment available in clinics and home use devices.

Now the quest for healthy skin can move back outdoors. The materials have been clinically studied with their benefits supported by globally recognized skin specialists. SunSoul’s advanced patent-pending technology offers clients natural, effective solutions to their skin concerns – aging skin, sun-damaged skin, acne blemished skin – while supporting a healthy, active lifestyle.

14 Year Old Male Patient - Clinical Trial

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