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Silk'n Hair Removal Product Description

Silk'n Versus Silk'n SensEpil Versus Flash & Go

A Detailed description of the differences and Similarities
The Original Silk'n is also known as:
  • Silk'n Blue
  • Silk'n Professional
  • Silk'n Pro
  • Silk'n
The Silk'n SensEpil is also known as:
  • Silk'n SensEpil
  • SensEpil
  • Silk'n Pink
The Silk'n Flash&Go is also known as:
  • Flash & Go
  • Flash & Go Luxx
*In this article we will refer the original blue Silk'n as "Silk'n, the Silk'n SensEpil as simply "SensEpil", and the Flash&Go as simply Flash&Go.

Since our original article only concerned the first 2 devices, we will keep it the same and add the Flash&Go comparison below.

The Silk'n and the SensEpil are only slightly different machines. These differences are mainly cosmetic and safety oriented. There is no difference in the effectiveness, power levels, or usage of the units. There are really only 4 differences:
  • The skin typing sensor
  • The safety trigger
  • The size and shape of the unit
  • The color
  • Cost (See Below)
First we will explain these differences in detail, and then we will explain why there are 2 Silk'ns and the pros and cons of each.

The Skin Typing Sensor
The SensEpil has a skin typing sensor built in which the Silk'n does not have. It consists of a small window directly beside the flash lamp. When the SensEpil is pressed to the skin, the sensor determines the Fitzpatrick skin type of the skin. If the skin type is darker then level 4, the SensEpil is disabled and cannot flash.

Important: The sensor is designed to prevent people with naturally dark skin, darker then Fitzpatrick Level 4, from using the SensEpil as they could burn themselves. The sensor is NOT to be used to determine the level of tanned skin. If a person is naturally a level 1 skin type but a sun tan makes their skin appear to be level 2, it does not mean that they are still safe to use the SensEpil. ANY TANNED SKIN should not be treated with laser or intense pulsed light regardless of the level of the tan. Your skin will most likely burn if you are even slightly tanned.

The Safety Trigger
The safety trigger is a feature of both units that prevents the unit from flashing when it is not placed against the skin. On the Silk'n it consists of a spring built into the falsh lamp housing. The flash lamp is engaged and ready to flash when it is pressed firmly against the skin. The lamp depresses approximately 3mm when it is engaged.

On the SensEpil, the safety trigger is part of the skin typing sensor. When the handpiece is pressed against the skin, the sensor senses the skin and allows the unit to flash. If the sensor does not sense any skin, it will not flash.

Size and Shape
From the pictures above you can see that the SensEpil has a flatter design, and the hand-piece sits into the base almost flush. The SensEpil has a larger footprint but does not sit as high as the Silk'n. The SensEpil's hand-piece is also shorter, but it is fatter then the Silk'n hand-piece.

The SensEpil is white with hot pink accents while the Silk'n is white with light blue accents.

Why are there 2 Silk'ns?

When the original Silk'n was released in the US, the FDA approved the unit but required that it be sold through physicians offices so that darker skinned people would be protected from burning themselves. If the physician determined that the patient was safe to use the unit then the patient could purchase the unit from the doctor. In order to facilitate internet sales in the US, purchasers of the Silk'n are required to complete a skin-typing questionnaire which is then reviewed by a physician who approves or disapproves the sale of the Silk'n to the patient. This created great difficulty marketing the Silk'n in the US, and so the SensEpil was born.

The SensEpil was designed in order to get around this requirement of physician approval in the US, and to allow the unit to be sold over the counter without any restrictions. The SensEpil can be sold in any store in the US, facilitating much broader availability.

As the Silk'n is only restricted in the US and not in any other countries, it is still the main unit being sold world wide. The physician approval is not required by Health Canada. Health Canada feels that the guidelines and safety features of the original Silk'n are adequate to prevent dark skinned people from burning themselves.

There are no plans to discontinue the Silk'n at any point, and with 10's of thousands of units in use worldwide, cartridges will always be available for it.

Pros and Cons

One of the most common questions is, "Which Silk'n is better?". As mentioned above, in terms of results and cost they are the same.

Because of the shape of the handle, The Original Silk'n is easier to use in harder to reach places like the bikini line and other tight areas. This is because it has a longer and narrower design, while the SensEpil handle is a little more bulky. Also, because the Silk'n requires a slightly firmer push to engage the safety trigger, it leaves a slight impression on the skin for a few seconds, allowing you to see exactly where you previously treated. Some people have complained with the SensEpil that it is hard to know exactly where you have just treated.

Silk'n Flash & Go

The Flash&Go is more like the Sensepil in that it also incorporates the Skin sensor. It also uses Home Skinovations unique IPL technology: Home Pulsed Light. So it is equally as effective as the other 2 Silk'ns. The main difference is that the Flash & Go has been designed for smaller areas. The entire unit is hand held and the coverage area of the flash lamp is less than the others: 4 cm/sq. It is designed specifically for use in smaller areas like facial hair removal including upper lip, bikini hair removal, and underarm. One advantage the Flash & Go has is there are now long life cartridges available for the device, lasting 120,000 flashes. This is often referred to in marketing as the "lifetime cartridge", and also, "Flash & Go Luxx". While this makes the Flash & Go Suitable for large areas, it does take longer to treat large areas then the other models. If you are planning to do any large areas such as the legs, arms, chest, back, etc., then you are better off with the larger machines as they can still do the small areas as well.

Always purchase Silk'n Products from Your authorized source for faster service, no hassle returns, and the best prices.

If you have any further questions regarding the differences between the Silk'n hair removal systems, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-851-4169. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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