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ALEGRAmed AMINTAmed Cleansers and Toners
Bringing out the best in natural beauty has always been the aim of Rosa Graf . This professional product line is used in our clinic and in the best health and beauty spas throughout the world. Recommended by dermatologists and clinicians, these are exceptional products for all skin types and needs.
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Rosa Graf, Cleansing Milk 200ml Rosa Graf, Cleansing Tonic 200ml Rosa Graf Cleansing OIl 125ml
The Cleansing Milk is a classic cleansing emulsion. Its silky consistency allows the removal of dirt and make-up quickly and gently. The Rosa Graf Cleansing Tonic clams and moisturizes skin after daily cleansing while removing any residue left on the skin and re- balancing the PH level. This is a gentle hydrophilic oil for mild cleansing and removing eye-makeup.
Rosa Graf, Cleansing foam 100ml Rosa Graf, Cleansing Peeling Gel 125ml AMINTAmed tonic 150ml

Rosa Graf Cleansing Foam is a foaming cleanser that goes pore deep to wash out your pores and make your skin feel super clean without taking away moisture. Best for Oily/combination skin.

A gentle peeling cleanser with fine granules that removes dead skin cells and promotes natural skin renewal.

This antibacterial facial tonic freshens up the skin after cleansing with the wash gel and balances PH levels in the skin.

AMINTAmed Day Balance 50ml AMINTAmed Night Balm AMINTAmed Antispot
AMINTAmed Night Balm
Our Price: CA$41.95
Rosa Graf AMINTAmed Antispot
Our Price: CA$23.95

A protective, antibacterial, hydrating, soft gel-cream for problem skin with impurities.

The night care for young, oily and problematic skin with a tendency towards impurities.

The AMINTAmed Antispot antibacterial spot treatment dries out active pimples fast while still leaving skin smooth.

AMINTAmed Camomile Paste 15ml AMINTAmed Bran Yeast Mask 50ml Rosa Graf ALEGRAmed Night Cream 50ml

AMINTAmed Camomile Paste is a specific and successful overnight spot treatment
for skin blemishes.

The AMINTAmed Bran Yeast Mask reduces blemishes, excess oil and refines pores.

A Highly concentrated night care with an unusually creamy character.

Rosa Graf ALEGRAmed Day Liquid 50ml Rosa Graf Rosana Rosa Graf Rosana Day Liquid 50ml
Rosa Graf Rosana
Our Price: CA$48.95

Day cream, slightly superfatty emulsion with a creamy consistency. Moistens, protects and vitalizes the skin.

Rosana Cream offers the best possible cosmetic care for skin which is either sensitive, or irritated by climatic factors.

The best possible active ingredients for this special day cream which has its place in professional, as well as home treatment.

Day & Night Cream 50 ml Exalia Night Cream 50 ml Exalia Day Liquid 50 ml
Day & Night Cream 50 ml
Our Price: CA$48.95
Exalia Night Cream 50 ml
Our Price: CA$48.95
Exalia Day Liquid 50 ml
Our Price: CA$48.95

A day and night protective cream fro combination skin.

Exalia Night Cream: This is a vitamin rich formulation specifically for mature skin.

Exalia Day Liquid: A protective day cream rich in vitamins and plant extracts. It helps restore skin's elasticity and reduces the formulation of wrikles and effectively slows the aging process.

Mango Cleansing Gel 100ml

This fruity Mango Gel cleanser brightens complexion after just one wash while cleaning and smoothening skin.

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