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New Silk'n SensEpilXL 65K
Silk'n SensEpilXL Hair Removal System

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The New Silk'n SensEpilXL with 65,000 Pulses - The Ultimate Silk'n!

That's right - The New Silk'n SensEpil XL includes 65,000 pulses - enough complete full body hair removal on multiple people. Great for individuals, couples and families!

Benefits & Features

  • Features the same award winning Home Pulsed Light technology.
  • Safe for all body parts including the face.
  • No replacement cartridges required.
  • Health Canada and FDA Approved.
  • Large 6cm/2 Spot Size for fast treatment of large areas.
  • Proven Effective, Dermatologist Recommended.
  • Now More affordable then ever.

The New Silk'n SensEpil XL is designed the same as the original Silk'n SensEpil, except that it includes a long life 65,000 pulse cartridge. This is equal to 43 Original SensEpil or Bella Lite cartridges. In terms of cost, that's more then $1500.00 value compared to the SensEpil or Bella Lite. For those treating large areas such as legs, back, or even arms, the SensEpil XL is your best choice.

Home Pulsed Light (HPL™)

The process of laser and light-based hair removal is well known and established. Also known as thermolysis, it has been proven in clinical use around the world for over 15 years as a safe and effective way to achieve long-term hair reduction.

The patented Home Pulsed Light™ technology (HPL™) of Silk’n™ is a new and innovative light energy technology combined with unique acoustic effect, designed exclusively for carrying out safe and effective removal of unwanted hair at home. The scientists and engineers behind HPL™ technology all have an extensive and successful history in the laser and light-based aesthetic industry, having previously developed products for major companies such as Syneron, Sharplan, Laser Industriesand Lumenis, as well as others in the aesthetics industry.

Through HPL™, the Home Skinovations’ scientists have created a Silk’n™ device that is small and portable, and operates with a surprisingly low and extremely safe level of light energy. In clinical trials HPL™ technology effectively removed unwanted hair on 100% of participants. And in consumer tests users of HPL™ technology in Silk’n™ found it safe and easy to use in the privacy of their own home.

What to Expect?

For many people, using Silk’n™ may be their first experience with a light-based device designed for self-treatment. Silk’n™ is simple to use, and treatments go by quickly. During treatment it is normal to experience:

1. A Flash of Light – The bright light of Silk’n™ will not harm the eyes when applied to non-facial sites, and special eye-protection is not needed when doing Silk’n™ treatments.
2. A Fan Noise – The cooling fan in Silk’n™ makes noise similar to a hairdryer. This is normal.

3. A Pop Sound with Each Pulse – When a pulse of HPL™ light is activated, it is normal to hear a subtle pop sound simultaneously with the flash of light.
4. Moderate Pressure of the Applicator – This is necessary and helpful for placement of adjacent pulses of light.
5. Sensation of Warmth and Tingling – During each pulse of light it is normal to feel a mild sensation of warmth and tingling from the light energy. Remember it is important to always use low energy settings for initial treatments.


The hair removal results for each person can be varied for many reasons. Hair color, density and location on the body all have an impact of the ultimate result. Environment may also play a role.

Another important factor affecting you hair removal result is the hair growth cycle, which is typically 18-24 months. During this period multiple Silk'n™ treatments may be required in order to achieve the best long-term hair removal result.