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Tanda mē elõs Epilator Attachment Tanda mē elõs Shaver Attachment Tanda Zap Advanced Acne Clearing Device
Tanda mē elõs Professional Hair Removal Epilator Attachment Tanda mē elõs Professional Hair Removal Epilator Attachment A Powerful yet convenient solution to acne that you can carry in your pocket.
Me Clear Anti-Blemish Device
Me Clear
Our Price: CA$49.00
A simple and effective device that fits in your pocket or purse.
The Tända Professional™ Light Therapy Treatment features a dermatologist-recommended, scientifically-proven, hand-held device that delivers clinical light therapy treatments in the comfort of your own home.

The Tända Professional Light Therapy Treatment features our most powerful light therapy device with the largest treatment surface and the longest lasting treatment heads. The devices treatment Heads  are easily interchanged to provide different skincare and wellness solutions.

Each treatment head has 36 LEDs for extra large area coverage.

Designed specifically with home use in mind, the Tända Professional Light Therapy Device was developed to be easy to use and user-friendly with features such as portability, long-lasting treatment heads, a large treatment surface area and a modular design.

Tända Professional Clear Acne Light Therapy Treatment Head uses 414nm blue LED light to kill P.acnes bacteria, helping to cure existing blemishes and prevent further outbreaks.

  • 90% of acne sufferers found that treatments helped prevent further outbreaks from developing**
  • 90% of acne sufferers found that incorporating the treatment made a positive difference in their acne and helped improve confidence levels**

Tända Professional Regenerate Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment Head uses 660nm red LED light to help improve skin texture, color and tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 92% of users report skin was more radiant and smooth
  • 92% reported their skin looked and felt more rejuvenated
  • 83% found their skin’s appearance was enhanced
  • 75% found their skin appeared younger and healthier

Tända Professional Restore Pain Therapy Treatment Head uses infrared light to increase circulation to target areas to relieve aches, pains and stiffness in muscles and joints. This therapeutic warming and increased blood flow allows you to enjoy the freedom, comfort and flexibility you once had.

Proven results; after only 14 days of one-3-minute treatments daily tendonitis sufferers experienced a:

  • 72% decrease in pain
  • 36% decrease in swelling
  • 60% overall improvement
Before and After Images

Tända Clear Acne Light Therapy Treatment

Jennifer, Age 27

Before After 11 days
"As a long time acne sufferer, I was initially skeptical of the Tända Clear device-a product designed to combat acne and wrinkles through the use of blue and red light therapy. After using Tända Clear I've noticed a definite difference in the texture of my skin -it feels smoother, and it is not as red from the scars. After my experience with the product, I've recommended Tända Clear to family and friends who suffer from acne." -Jennifer

Ryan, Age 29

Before After 27 days
"It started with a reduction in the size of the pimples I did have. And then I started to notice that I wasn't getting any more breakouts. Then after awhile, eventually, the blemishes that I did have began to disappear. I think the results speak for themselves." -Ryan

Patti, Age 32

Before After 27 days
"I would absolutely recommend Tända Clear to my friends and family. I have, in fact, been a walking billboard for Tända since the results I've seen. For me, the big testimonial was my daughter, who has been watching me go through this process and has seen results and is using it. In the last week and a half [she has prom coming up next month] so she's very conscious of her half, up, month], skin and wants to look beautiful. She has spotting on her forehead. I caught her two days in a row using it and after the second day 'Mum, Mum! Come and see what my face looks like' and I said 'Yeah'. She says 'All the pimples have flattened.' And I said 'That's what happens with Tända.' Then within 5 days they were totally gone. So, she's now bragging to all her friends and they're all interested in trying it. So, it's a tell-all for her and for me too. It's almost a fight now between who gets it first. So I said you in the morning and me at night. Twice a day and that's it. And we're great!" - Patty

Laura, Age 23

Before After 5 days
* Condition: Mild inflammatory acne around the mouth and chin
* History: Prior treatment for acne included over the counter topicals and oral antibiotics
* Treatment: 5 days with Tända Professional Clear, twice a day, for 3 minutes on each affected area. No medications.


Tända Regenerate Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment

Daniel, Age 50

Before After 15 days
* Condition: Deep lines and redness around forehead and eyes
* History: Healthy lifestyle, aged naturally with no topicals or products
* Treatment: 15 days with Tända Regenerate, once per day, for 3 minutes all over the eye and forehead area. You can see big improvements in the redness and in the fine lines.

Sandee, Age 50

Before After 30 days
* Condition: Fine lines around the eye, dry dull skin
* History: Messy Topicals, night lotions
* Treatment: 30 days with Tända Professional Regenerate, once per day. 3-minutes on each affected area, and 30 seconds on areas that were not so much of a concern.

Alison, Age 61

Before After
"I would definitely recommend Tända Regenerate to my friends and family. I found that it is easy to use, you can incorporate it into your daily regime with no trouble at all, and you do get results, which is great. I found that my skin felt a lot smoother, the pores were diminished. Especially around my eyes, I found that the little lines looked much better, and it was great! Because it was so easy to use and you get results, it was fabulous!" -Alison
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