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Healthy Hair starts with a healthy scalp. This is the philosophy behind the Capilia Trichology line. Microscopic analysis shows that over time, layers of dead skin and product residue build up on the scalp. And while most hair care products are made to make hair look nice, they seldom address the root of the problem, the place where the hair comes from: The scalp.

The picture below shows the normal typical scalp from a healthy 34 year old female who uses salon brand products. Evident on the scalp and hair is a build up of silicone, oil and sebum on the hair shafts, scalp, and in the follicles. This build up inhibits the growth of hair and restricts the penetration of other treatments that may be being used to treat hair loss or other scalp conditions.

The second picture below shows the same after treating with Capilia Trichology Products. The hair and scalp is perfectly clean, and hair follicles are no longer engorged with sebum. Continued use of all natural Capilia Trichology products will help reduce the build up impurities on the scalp.

For more information on how Capilia Trichology can help your hair and scalp, please feel free to call our clinic and speak to a professional.
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Capilia Balancing Shampoo Capilia Balancing Shampoo
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