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Improve the Results Of Your Other Hair Loss Treatments!
VOLLUMA™ is safe to use with, and is an ideal companion to, other hair restoration treatments such as hair transplantation, serums, and medications, maximizing your hair to look naturally thicker and stronger.

Friends Will Think You've Lost Weight or Had A Vacation!
VOLLUMA™ is virtually undetectable - even from close up - and unlike other products VOLLUMA™ is water resistant, giving you full confidence in any weather.

Improve The Appearance of Your Hair Transplant!
VOLLUMA™ has been extensively tested by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) member surgeons in clinics throughout Europe achieving impressive results on transplant patients desiring to augment their hair replacement surgery for even thicker hair.

Doctors Use VOLLUMA - You Should Too!
VOLLUMA™ is often recommended by surgeons as a non-medical option for clients who are unsatisfied with the results of other treatments or who, for a variety of reasons cannot undergo a hair transplant.

How is Volluma™ Different From Other Similar Products?
Unlike other cosmetic enhancers, VOLLUMA™ is wind & water resistant so it "stays put" regardless of your activity. When applied as directed, VOLLUMA™ will remain in place while engaging in sporting activities, showering or even swimming!

VOLLUMA™ is available in ten natural hair colors, which can be used alone or in various color combinations to match your hair color

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