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Hair Loss Vitamins and Supplements

are an important part of any hair loss treatment regimen. Many nutrient imbalances can affect hair growth and the quality of your hair, and relying only on Biotin to solve your hair loss is ill-advised. In fact, studies show that Biotin only helps those who have a biotin deficiency, which is highly unlikely in adults, since biotin is in many common foods, and it can be manufactured in the body. Sometimes, nutrient excesses may be just as important as deficiencies, and such imbalances can aggravate certain hair loss conditions.

There are many nutirents that are important for hair quality and growth, and some nutrients can help with hormone and auto-immune function, both of which are involved in many hair loss conditions. For more information on which vitamins are best for you, feel free to contact our trichologist who can advise on the correct combination for your specific condition.

For general hair health with a high biotin boost and saw palmetto, choose HairMax Hair Skin and Nails. For a mutli-vitamin with a more balanced approach without saw palmetto, Capilia Vitalia is preferred.
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