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EyEnvy FacEnvy Exfoliate-Me | 60ml
EyEnvy FacEnvy Exfoliate-Me

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Exfoliate-Me designed to exfoliate the stratum corneum without aggressive abrasion.
The use of enzymes to weaken the bonds of the desmosome to promote desquamation makes the experience for all clients a soothing one. When the stratum corneum has been formed, it must be taken apart through desquamation to allow the natural renewal process to continue.
The cells are hooked together by desmosomes at the top, sides and bottom.
As the cells move to the epidermis, the desmosome are attached but become weaker. There a 2 known enzymes effectively break the bonds of the desomosomes and free the cells to flake off from the stratum corneum. One of these is a special type of trypsin. The recognition that the removal of dead skin cells was desirable to produce smooth skin in maturing clients, led to the concept of an abrasive scrub.