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Jorgen Hair Care products are an excellent and inexpensive line designed for maintenance of hair systems.
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Jorgen Daily Conditioner | 236ml Jorgen Daily Conditioner | 236ml

Daily conditioner deeply penetrates and fortifies hair strands internally protecting against damage.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Enhancer | 236ml Jorgen Enhancer | 236ml

Specifically designed to maintain and protect man-made synthetic fibers.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Leave-On Conditioner | 236ml Jorgen Leave-On Conditioner | 236ml

Leave-On Conditioner effortlessly untangles and eliminates knots.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Renew | 236ml Jorgen Renew | 236ml

Establishes a clean and oil-free surface, ideal for priming your scalp prior to hair system application.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Daily Shampoo | 236ml Jorgen Daily Shampoo | 236ml

Formulated for human hair prostheses. Maintains the ideal pH balance of both the hair and scalp.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Volume Plus Shampoo | 236ml Jorgen Volume Plus Shampoo | 236ml

Eliminates excess oils on the scalp that lead to unpleasant odors when left unchecked.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Reconstructor Treatment | 236ml Jorgen Reconstructor Treatment | 236ml

Rebuilds and restores hair that has suffered from chemical damage and mistreatment.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Finishing Spray | 236ml Jorgen Finishing Spray | 236ml

Preserves your desired hairstyle while providing protection against fading, breakage, and hair loss.

Our Price: CA$14.50
Jorgen Sculpting/Holding Spray | 236ml Jorgen Sculpting/Holding Spray | 236ml

Delivers enduring, all-day and all-night hold, suitable for use on both human hair and synthetic hair.

Our Price: CA$14.50
Jorgen Wet Look Lotion | 236ml Jorgen Wet Look Lotion | 236ml

Fuss free application by simply applying to your hair and letting it air-dry, resulting in a polished "wet look".

Our Price: CA$14.95
Jorgen Ultra Hold Gel | 236ml Jorgen Ultra Hold Gel | 236ml

Provides remarkable hold but also enhances shine, flexibility, and body.

Our Price: CA$14.95
Jorgen Protein Conditioner | 236ml Jorgen Protein Conditioner | 236ml

Enhance volume and protect against UV damage and color fading with this leave-in protein spray conditioner.

Our Price: CA$20.95
Jorgen Oxidation Spray | 236ml Jorgen Oxidation Spray | 236ml

Combats oxidation and safeguards against fading, sun bleaching, dry ends, limp body, and dullness.

Our Price: CA$21.95
Jorgen Bio Enzyme | 236ml Jorgen Bio Enzyme | 236ml

Highly effective oil remover for hair system application, this scalp cleanser also doubles as an odor eliminator.

Our Price: CA$21.95
Jorgen Amber Super Solvent | 236ml Jorgen Amber Super Solvent | 236ml

Citrus based solvent eliminates residue of bonding and tape adhesives on hair systems and individual hair strands.

Our Price: CA$22.95
Jorgen Wet Clean | 236ml Jorgen Wet Clean | 236ml

For synthetic hair replacements. Maintains secure knots, effectively prevents any slippage.

Our Price: CA$24.50
Jorgen Medicated Shampoo | 236ml Jorgen Medicated Shampoo | 236ml

Jorgen Medicated Shampoo is an effective anti-dandruff shampoo for mild to excessive dandruff.

Our Price: CA$24.95
Jorgen Liquid Tape | 0.5oz Jorgen Liquid Tape | 0.5oz

A liquid adhesive specially formulated to boost the strength of tape on hair systems.

Our Price: CA$25.50