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Laboratoire Nature product lines are developed and produced in Canada. The products are all natural, containing no chemicals or drugs whatsoever, and certainly none of the harmful ingredients that most shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatment products have. Once you try these products, you'll never go back to regular lines.

For the ultimate hair, not weighed down, coated, or damaged with layers of silicones, sulfates, alcohol and the like, Terapo hair care products are the answer. Created with all natural ingredients and designed for your specific type of hair or hair need, Terapo will re-awaken your hair, bring it back to life, and leave it clean, natural and restored to it's natural healthy form.

It is natural that this approach would be perfect for children, so Laboratoire Nature has created a line specific for the gentle needs of children. Help your kids develop a healthy natural lifestyle with Terapo Junior. The kids will love the clean and healthy feel, and you'll know they are using products that are good for both themselves and the environment. No chemicals, no sulfates, no unhealthy hair and skin residues.

The Bioplant line of natural body washes and hair care products uses the same philosophy: No chemicals, sulfates, or mineral oils that leave residues that can cause a host of skin problems. The perfect balance between nature and science, Bioplant will leave your skin clean, healthy, and natural feeling.

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