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Rocky 5% Minoxidil | 60ml
Rocky 5% Minoxidil | 60ml

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Rocky Monoxidil is a 5% liquid formulation which is proven to improve hair growth.

Rocky Minoxidil is made in Canada and Health Canada Approved.

Minoxidil can be used on it's own or in conjunction with other treatment modalities, such as LLLT laser for hair loss, finasteride, and PRP treatments.

Questions and Myths about Minoxidil

Many questions have arisen about Minoxidil and the recommended protocols. Many of the protocols required on the bottle are there because that is how the initial protocols were submitted for FDA approval. Therefore, for marketing purposes, only those instructions or protocols can be listed on the packaging.

Minoxidil can be used once or twice per day. Minoxidil remains effective on the scalp for 21 hours, so applying once per day can be considered equally as effective. However, applying 2 times per day is also safe, and that was how the initial study was performed.

How much should I use? Again the initial study used the same amount on everyone: 1ml 2 times per day. However since everyone's hair loss area may be a different size, the amount required to cover the affected area will differ from person to person. Use the amount required to apply a thin layer of serum to the entire hair loss area.

Minoxidil can be affective on any area of the scalp. Initial studies in men applied the serum only to the crown area. If you are receding and wish to use it on your recessions, feel free to do so.

Can women use 5% minoxidil? It is safe for women to use 5% minoxidil. Initial approvals for 5% minoxidil were submitted for men only, while the women's approval was for 2%. The FDA has since approved 5% minoxidil for use in women. Although unlikely to cause any harm, 5% minoxidil should still not be used by women who are breast feeding or pregnant, due to the lack of research for this group. It should be noted that there is an increased risk of facial hair growth in women who use 5% minoxidil as opposed to 2% minoxidil. However there is also a significant improvement in effectiveness when using the 5%. Women who experience un-wanted facial hair growth with 5% can switch to 2% and it should remain effective in most cases.

If you have further questions regarding the use of minoxidil, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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