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Prevention, Protection, and Correction

The Freedom Store (FREEDOMclinic Toronto) is a certified provider of SkinCeuticals Products and Services. Shop Online or in our clinic.

SkinCeuticals is our first choice in skin maintenance and the treatment of skin conditions in our clinic. When it comes to clinical treatments, patients demand the best and most effective products for their skin care. The same is true for home care. What we like about SkinCeuticals is the science behind the products. SkinCeuticals sets the standard in the cosmeceutical industry. They devote countless resources toward research at major medical institutions to support the technology behind their products. The active ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, and the studies performed on products are peer reviewed.

If you haven't tried them already, we are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with the effectiveness of the SkinCeuticals line-up no matter what your skin care concerns are.

To ask about your specific skin care regimen, please contact our knowledgeable staff at