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Bioscal Hair Loss Treatments Capilia Trichology and Scalp Health
The Freedom Store carries only high quality proven topical treatments and shampoos to help control hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp environment. A healthy scalp means healthy hair!
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Bioscal Conditioner Bioscal Conditioner 250ml
Our Price: CA$18.99
Bosley Styling Gel Bosley Styling Gel
Our Price: CA$24.00
Bosley Styling Hairspray Bosley Styling Hairspray
Our Price: CA$28.50
Bosley Follicle Energizer Bosley Follicle Energizer
Our Price: CA$28.95
Bioscal Conditioner Bioscal Conditioner 500ml
Our Price: CA$34.95
Bioscal Concentrate Bioscal Concentrate
Our Price: CA$39.99
Bioscal Conditioner Bioscal Conditioner 1L
Our Price: CA$55.95