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ProGen NutriFuse Mens Leave-In Conditioner | 8oz ProGen NutriFuse Men's Styling Créme ProGen NutriFuse Women's Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner | 8oz
Lightweight leave-in conditioner refreshes and softens your hair. Light weight styling cream restores shine and moisturizes. Lock in moisture with a non-greasy and lightweight leave-in spray.
ProGen NutriFuse Men's Conditioner | 10oz ProGen NutriFuse Men's Nourishing Shampoo | 10oz ProGen NutriFuse Women's Moisture Rich Conditioner | 10oz
Moisture rich conditioner repairs damaged hair. Nourishing shampoo that hydrates, strengthens and removes product build up. Provides a natural shine and prevents breakage for super-strong hair.
ProGen NutriFuse Women's Nourishing Shampoo | 10oz ProGen NutriFuse Women's Smoothing Créme | 8oz ProGen NutriFuse Thermal Spray | 10 oz
Perfect for all hair types but, optimized for very dry to chemically treated hair. Rebuilds damaged hair and promotes healthy moisture levels to maintain hair’s strength and elasticity. Protects hair from harmful heat styling while cutting down blow dry time.